Vienna State Opera House; photo c/o Wien.Info
Vienna State Opera House; photo c/o Wien.Info

Known For:

Hosting a wealth of shopping options. Being a classically elegant city steeped in arts, architecture, and culture. Vienna has a contemporary side that has been garnering more and more attention in recent times.

NFive, located in Neubau; photo c/o Turek
NFive, located in Neubau; photo c/o Turek

Shopping Districts:

  • Neubau (7th District): Neubau is one of Vienna’s trendiest districts. Filled with galleries, cafes, and independent shops (chains are rare in the 7th), there are a variety of options from which to choose for clothing – thrift stores, high-end boutiques, and vintage stores sit side by side.
  • Wieden (4th District): Wieden is one of Vienna’s emerging hip neighborhoods. It’s very multicultural and is popular with students and artists. On Wieden’s main street, Margaretenstraße, you can find independent and vintage shops to get a shopping fix.
  • Innere Stadt (1st District): There is a massive amount of luxury shopping that can take place in different locations of Inner Stadt. International designers as well as Viennese designers make their retail home in the district. Start shopping in Goldenes Quartier, and go from there.
  • Mariahilf (6th District): Mariahilf is most known for having the city’s longest shopping street (Mariahilfer Straße) within its boundaries. Mariahilfer Straße is a large tourist attraction, as there are plenty of chain stores present. If you venture away from that main street however, you can find a few vintage and independent shops thrown in the mix.

Specific Places To Shop: 

  • PARK
  • Song
  • Burggasse24
  • RUNWAY International & Austrian Design
  • ‘Not Another’ Concept Store
  • Pregenzer Fashion Store
  • Firis
  • S/GHT
Petar Petrov Fall 2020; photo c/o Petar Petrov
Petar Petrov Fall 2020; photo c/o Petar Petrov


  • Lena Hoschek
  • Petar Petrov
  • Femme Maison
  • Jana Wieland
  • Susanne Bisovsky
  • Karl Michael
MQ Vienna Fashion Week (MQVFW); photo c/o MQVFW
MQ Vienna Fashion Week (MQVFW); photo c/o MQVFW


  • MQ Vienna Fashion Week: MQ Vienna Fashion Week takes place each season at the MuseumsQuartier Wien, one of the world’s largest arts and culture complexes (7000m², or 75,000+ square feet). MQVFW’s goal is to establish itself as a central location for fashion, design, and art by offering an ideal opportunity for exhibition and collection presentations for designers. The organizers of MQVFW also run Vienna Fashion Festival alongside Vienna Fashion Week proceedings
Austrian Fashion Association logo
Austrian Fashion Association logo

Fashion Organizations:

  • Austrian Fashion: has been a non-profit organization that promotes contemporary fashion design since 2006. They have many different initiatives, ranging from cultural and information communication, platform activities and exhibitions to publications. By using an interdisciplinary and intermedial approach, they’re able to facilitate a connection between fashion, design and art.
  • Austrian Fashion Association: The Austrian Fashion Association (AFA) coordinates between designers, business, and culture. It provides funding with the aim of promoting Austria’s fashion design scene on the international stage and creates a breeding ground for the creativity and economic ambitions of Austrian fashion designers.
L'Officiel Austria February 2020 cover
L’Officiel Austria February 2020 cover

Fashion Publications:

  • Wiener Magazine
  • L’Officiel Austria
  • DIVA Magazine
  • Look! Magazine
  • Madonna Magazine
  • Woman Magazine
  • Fab L’Style
  • Notorious Magazine
  • INDIE Magazine
Schloss Hetzendorf, home of Modeschule Hetzendorf; photo c/o Wikipedia
Schloss Hetzendorf, home of Modeschule Hetzendorf; photo c/o Wikipedia

Universities & Colleges:

  • University of Applied Arts
  • Modeschule Hetzendorf

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