La Rock'N'Rola, located in Bogotá's Chapinero neighborhood; photo c/o La Rock'N'Rola
La Rock’N’Rola, located in Bogotá’s Chapinero neighborhood; photo c/o La Rock’N’Rola

Known For:

Rising out of political turmoil to be one of South America’s strongest contenders for a fashion center. Many of Bogotá’s designers have made notable strides on both the national and international scenes.

St. Dom, located in the Los Rosales neighborhood of Bogotá; photo c/o St. Dom
St. Dom, located in the Los Rosales neighborhood of Bogotá; photo c/o St. Dom

Shopping Districts:

  • Chapinero: Chapinero is one of Bogotá’s trendiest neighborhoods, and is the center of the city’s LGBTQ+ scene. In this area that is seemingly bursting with creativity, you’ll find plenty of diverse shopping options – from independent punk boutiques to luxury malls.
  • Quinta Camacho: Quinta Camacho, well-known for its food scene, is also a great place to shop for clothing. The neighborhood has a mix of boutiques and secondhand shopping locations.
  • Los Rosales: Although Los Rosales is one of Bogotá’s more expensive neighborhoods, it contains a lot of beautiful architecture and nature spots to detach from city life. We’d like to point out that it’s the home of St. Dom, a highly-esteemed store that should be on one’s shopping itinerary.
  • El Retiro: Shopping in El Retiro is dominated by Centro Comercial El Retiro, one of Bogota’s premier shopping malls. Along with the mall, the neighborhood houses many boutiques that are worthy of a look.
  • La Candelaria: La Candelaria is Bogotá’s historic old town, and as such is frequented by tourists that come in search of this history and the accompanying cultural attractions. La Candelaria houses one of the city’s biggest wholesale and retail open-air shopping areas.
Casa Precis; photo c/o Casa Precis
Casa Precis; photo c/o Casa Precis

Specific Places To Shop: 

  • Casa Precis
  • Ba hué 
  • Centro Comercial Andino
  • Little Ramonas
  • La Rock N Rola
  • Centro Comercial Unicentro Bogotá
  • St. DOM
Leal Daccarett Fall 2018 RTW; photo c/o WWD
Leal Daccarett Fall 2018 RTW; photo c/o WWD


  • Leal Daccarett
  • Pepa Pombo
  • Miguel Caballero
  • Bastardo
  • Olga Piedrahita
  • MLRR
  • Hossh
  • Carlo Carrizosa
  • Carolina Estefan
  • Lina Cantillo
Fucsia Manuela Alvarez show at BCapital 2019; photo c/o Inexmoda
Fucsia Manuela Alvarez show at BCapital 2019; photo c/o Inexmoda


  • Bogota Fashion Week: Bogotá Fashion Week, hosted by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, aims to turn the city into a world-class fashion capital. To do this, it brings together multiple national and international industry figures to benefit Colombian designers while strengthening their brands and expanding their market.
  • BCapital: BCapital, organized by Inexmoda, has a goal of taking fashion out of its usual standards of operating to exhibit proposals that are unusual and disruptive. The event is typically divided into three main sections:
    • 1) “B Smart”, a space that brings fashion experts together for conferences, forums, and masterclasses;
    • 2) “B Fashion”, which features runways and art and experience-based fashion performances; and
    • 3) “B Cool”, a space open for designers to share their collections and pieces with the public.
Inexmoda logo

Fashion Organizations:

  • Inexmoda: The Institute for Export and Fashion (Inexmoda) links up members of the fashion industry in order to promote the growth, development, and strength of fashion and design in Colombia. It brings together government, educational institutions, media, and other stakeholders to this end. They orchestrate trade events in the country such as Colombiamoda and BCapital.
Fucsia Magazine, September 2019
Fucsia Magazine, September 2019

Fashion Publications:

  • Fucsia Magazine
  • Vogue Mexico & Latin America
LCI Bogota; photo c/o uGlass International
LCI Bogota; photo c/o uGlass International

Universities & Colleges:

  • LCI Bogotá

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