Lagos street style; photo c/o W Magazine
Photo c/o W Magazine

Known For:

Bright, vibrant, and bold fashion; it is our opinion that there is a lot more that Lagos deserves to be known for in the wider fashion industry

Ikoyi, Lagos
Ikoyi, Lagos

Shopping Districts:

  • Victoria Island: Home to some of the most respected boutiques in Lagos, Victoria Island is a favorite of visitors to Lagos that want to have a fashionable time.
  • Lekki: Lekki is one of the trendiest areas of Lagos. Of particular note here is the Lekki Market, popular with attendees that are looking for arts and crafts.
  • Ikoyi: Ikoyi is the picture of affluence, and is well-known for containing Banana Island – the richest area of the city. Also of note is the fact that it is within a 45-minute drive to the beach, which is a big draw to visitors.
Alara, Victoria Island; photo c/o ArtNews
Alara, Victoria Island; photo c/o ArtNews

Specific Places To Shop:

  • Alara
  • Temple Muse
  • Grey Velvet
  • Lekki Market
  • Balogun Market
Fruche, 2018
Fruche, 2018


  • Tiffany Amber
  • Maki Oh
  • Kenneth Ize
  • Orange Culture
  • Fruche
  • Sisiano
  • Deola Sagoe
GT Bank Fashion Weekend, Lagos
GT Bank Fashion Weekend


  • Lagos Fashion Week: Lagos Fashion Week is a fashion platform that brings together buyers, consumers, and the media to view the current collections of designers at a four (4) day event. It drives the Lagos fashion industry and, by extension, the African fashion industry.
  • GT Bank Fashion Weekend: The GTBank Fashion Weekend is designed to show the best of Africa’s fashion to a global audience whilst promoting the effervescent enterprise of the continent’s growing fashion industry. Created in 2016, it is a consumer-focused fair and free business platform.
  • Arise Fashion Week: Arise Fashion Week, known as one of Africa’s most premier fashion presentations, provides an international platform to promote and showcase African designers while establishing them firmly on the continent and abroad.
Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria
Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria

Fashion Organizations:

  • Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria: The Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria was created in 1989 as the official representative body of fashion designers in the country.
  • Haute Fashion Africa: Haute Fashion Africa has been a platform of exposure for African fashion designers since it was launched. A multi-channel platform, it has exhibited a taste for culture while appreciating the influences of the Western world in Africa’s fashion industry.
Exquisite Magazine, January 2020
Exquisite Magazine, January 2020

Fashion Publications:

  • Complete Fashion
  • Zen Magazine
  • Bella Naija
  • Exquisite Magazine

Universities & Colleges:

While we could not find any colleges or universities that offer degrees pertaining to fashion, we did find quite a few institutions that grant certificates to attendees.

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